Eagle Plaza About to Break Ground

We are all cordially invited by the Friends of Eagle Plaza and the Eagle Plaza Family to attend the historic groundbreaking for the World’s First Leather + LGBTQ Plaza!
The ceremony will take place on Tuesday, June 18th @ 11:00 a.m. on 12th Street, in between Harrison & Bernice Streets.  There will be ceremonial shovels, short speeches, and light refreshments.
The Mayor and other local figures will be present, and plenty of press coverage is expected, so a good showing by our local leather community — despite the early weekday hour — would be especially gratifying.
More info about Eagle Plaza can be found at www.eagleplaza.org/.
We will also be using this opportunity to sell tickets for the Eagle Plaza Raffle.  As you know, the Alliance is co-sponsoring this raffle — whose prizes include a 883 Black Demo Harley Davidson motorcycle — to help raise the last of the funds needed to cover all the “leather themed amenities” that will make the plaza special.
Full rules and prize details are all at eagleplazaraffle.com.

Local Pride in Chicago Results

The local leather community has been thrilled and delighted by the news from the International Mr. Leather and International Mr. Bootblack contests in Chicago.  Here are the local highlights, in no particular order:

Our own Mr. San Francisco Leather, Jawn Marques, was chosen as IML 2019 First Runner Up.  Jawn has lived in San Francisco for five years, and was chosen as Mr. December in the Bare Chest Calendar and Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop Leather 2019 before his selection as Mr. San Francisco Leather 2019 this past March.

Amp Somers, Mr Friendly SF 2019, who also earned the Leather Heart Award 2019 and was First Runner Up Mr. San Francisco Leather 2019, was named in the prestigious “top 20” list at International Mr. Leather.  Pup Amp lives in San Francisco where he works as a full-time designer, represents Mr S Leather, and produces the YouTube channel “Watts The Safeword”.

California State Bootblack 2018 Geoff Millard is First Runner Up International Mr. Bootblack.  Although Geoff now lives in Baltimore, he is known and loved here, serving as Mr. San Francisco Leather 2017, and First Runner Up IML that same year.

And the title of Mr. International Leather 2019 belongs to Jack Thompson, Leatherman of Color 2019.  Jack was born in the Bay Area and only moved to Baltimore with his husband Geoff (see above) last July, after years of working at Mr. S, being active with our local ONYX, and performing as Dante Demoan with the Rebel Kings of Oakland.  Jack, who becomes the first trans person of color to become International Mr. Leather, received great praise for his inspiring speech at the Contest.

We offer our love, thanks, and enormous respect to these guys, to the other winners in Chicago (IML 2nd Runner-Up Fionn Scott, of Dublin, Ireland, International Mr. Bootblack Kriszly de Hond, of Zaandam Noord, Holland, and IMBB 2nd Runner – Up Sparkie, of Waukesha, WI), and to everyone who competed, helped the competitors, or simply attended this annual celebration of Leather Pride.

Leather Alley Will Need Your Help!

It’s time again for Leather Alley, a wonderful part of the SF Pride Parade and Celebration.

Our next planning meeting is set for Tuesday, June 18, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm , at SF Catalyst.  Details here.

Volunteers are needed, of course.  For full info, visit http://www.leatheralley.net/get-involved/, or write directly to “volunteer” at “leatheralley.net”.

What is Leather Alley, you ask?  Leather Alley envisions community and education simultaneously. Leather Alley is an entire block long – Hyde Street between Golden Gate and McAllister, just one block off the main plaza.

Leather Alley is on Pride Sunday and is for those interested in or curious about Leather, SM, BDSM, kink, and fetish. Leather Alley offers an opportunity to see demos and chat with experienced scene members, to learn about the supportive organizations that exist in the community, to foster friendship and family in a safe and supportive environment, and to obtain important information on consent, safety, and related topics.

Leather Alley also provides an environment for people to hang out and relax after the San Francisco Pride March with others from the kink/leather/fetish community. Bootblacks will be available to help you refresh your look after the long walk. (Folks who march in the Parade with the Leather Pride Contingent get no-line access to the Alley!)

Demonstrations will be provided throughout the day by the many groups who hold events at the San Francisco Citadel and SF Catalyst, and by other member organizations of the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance.  (Organizations that want to become involved for the first time this year should be sure to send a representative to the 5/21/19 planning meeting!)

We look forward to seeing you at Leather Alley on Sunday, June 30, 2019.

You must be 18+ to visit Leather Alley. A donation is requested. All proceeds benefit the SF Bay Area Leather Alliance.

Leather Pride Contingent Continues Planning!

Leather Pride Contingent Logo

The leather community always plays an important part of the San Francisco Pride Parade and Celebration. Once again in 2019 the Leather Pride Continent in the Pride Parade is being spearheaded by Jason Husted.

Our Leather Marshals for the Parade are:

Female Leather Marshal:  Ms. Cat
Male Leather Marshal:  Graylin K. Thornton
Non-Binary Leather Marshal:  Unicorn boy

Bios of these fine folks can be found here.  They’ll be riding in the pony carts in the parade, accepting your cheers and applause!

Every person in the Leather Pride Contingent is being asked to take the Contingent Monitor Training.  It’s really easy:  just visit http://www.sfleather.org/Monitor-Training.html, watch a 10 minute video, and click the link on the page to let SF Pride know you trained for the San Francisco Leather Pride Contingent.

Then join the fun on Sunday, June 30, 2019 for the Pride Parade, with the theme “Generations of Resistance”.

The Leather Pride Contingent will be Contingent #139 (out of 290). Please plan to arrive by 12:30 p.m., at our staging area on Main Street between Market and Mission Streets.

Visit sfleather.org for more info, and like and follow the SF Leather Pride Group on Facebook. Full info on the parade and celebration is at http://www.sfpride.org/.

Award Nominations Open Year-Round

In order to guarantee that as many Bay Area Organizations as possible are represented for the Leather Alliance Awards, we are now accepting nominations for events and organizations throughout the year.  

Please click here — now or at any time — to submit an event you have organized or attended since January of 2019.

For more info the Leather Community Awards, click here.

Leather Alliance Board Meetings Move

With the much-lamented closing of the Center for Sex and Culture, the monthly Board Meetings of the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance are now held at SF Catalyst, 1060 Folsom Street, between 6th and 7th Streets, in San Francisco.

Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month — the next one is Thursday, June 20, 2019 — beginning promptly at 7:30 p.m.  All are welcome to attend.  Contact president [at] leatheralliance [dot] org for more information or to place an item on the agenda.  And like and follow us on Facebook to make sure you get the latest updates.

What’s Up At SF Catalyst?

As you know, SF Catalyst is a community-run educational and social space, operated by the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance.  The calendar is now full of exciting events:  Meetings of the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District and its committees, training intensives by the Piercing Guild, classes by Foundations, brunches by Bootlab, energetic meetups of Rope Burn SF and the SF Grapplers, fascinating presentations by the Leathermen’s Discussion Group, and, of course parties hosted by groups like the Exiles, the 15 Association, Gear Up, Sole Mates, the Yellow and Black Group, and the Society of Janus.  Check out the calendar here.

Particularly popular at Catalyst are the Release parties — open kink and play parties for all genders and orientations, held on the first Friday of each month. Every Tuesday is now Naked Tuesday, for  gay men of all types and ages 18+.

Newly added monthly events include Naked Tuesdays,  the San Francisco CumUnion, a BDSM Sampler Party,  and a Kinky Queer ASL class.

If you haven’t been to Catalyst lately, you’ll want to check out the new gear (including a bondage pagoda, a sturdy new massage table, and other inviting furniture), as well as the spiffed-up lobby, the watersports-friendly shower, and the high-tech locker room upstairs.

You can help support SF Catalyst by attending events there, or by scheduling your own event!  (Write to reservations@sfcatalyst.org for information.  Affordable options are available!)

You can also support this important community resource through our SF Catalyst Patreon Campaign, making a monthly donation at any level you like.  Perks for Patreon donors can include VIP access to monthly content, an “I proudly support SF Catalyst” pin, a handsome SF Catalyst water bottle, and discounted or free access to parties and events.

And of course, you can also offer to volunteer, or even join our Operations Group.  Remember, this space probably won’t be ours forever, so let’s make the most of it NOW!

Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District Meetings

The next open Community (“General Assembly” or “Membership”) Meeting for the new Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District is set for:

Wednesday, June 19, 2019
from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
in  Barangay Hall at the Bayanihan Community Center,
1010 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Please note this new location!
(We will resume meeting at the SF LGBTQ Center in July.)

The new Bylaws are almost complete and ready for our approval, and funds to hire a Cultural District Director should be approved very soon.  So we have lots to think about, and much to do. All are welcome.

Please help us make sure that we reflect and respond to your interests — as an individual, and as a representative of other trans folks, younger folks, non-binary folks, POCs, or any other element of our broad and beautiful L&LGBTQ spectrum.

If you aren’t already on the mailing list, visit http://eepurl.com/djdUyf to sign up.  As always, more information about the project is available at http://www.sfleatherdistrict.org/.  You may also wish to like and follow the SF Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District on Facebook.  And you can contact Bob Goldfarb (LCD [at] hellobob.net) at any time with questions or offers to help!

Meet Your Leather Community Titleholders!

At the 2019 Leather Alliance Weekend, two new Leather Titleholders were selected.

SF Bootblack 2019: Allison Boots
Allison, SF Bootblack 2019

Mr. San Francisco Leather 2019 : Jawn Marques
Jawn Marques Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop Leather 2019 and Mr. SF Leather 2019

Please click here and/or here for information about, and pictures from, Leather Alliance Weekend 2019.   You can also follow these links to read bios of all the contestants, the judges, the schedule of events, the educational programs and presenters, and of course, our generous and wonderful event sponsors.

Consent Classes Offered

The San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance is proud to offer its support to Dossie Easton and her team of dedicated and compassionate educators, as they offer a series of classes to the community, teaching about sexual sanity, consent, collaboration, cooperation, and how to make safe spaces and protect yourselves and each other.

The Navigating Consent series consists of two paths:

  1. Claiming Your Consent: Empowering Survivors (for people who have been violated or fear violation)
  2. Honoring Others’ Consent: Avoiding Transgression (for those who have or fear they might violate).

The goal is to move forward from wherever we may be today into a safer, saner, sexier, and more consensual future.

A new round of classes starts soon. Full details and sign up form can be found here.

Good Consent Makes Wilder Sex Possible!


The San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance…

…is committed to creating a welcome and supportive environment for members of the SF Bay Area leather, fetish, kink and motorcycling communities.  We seek to facilitate community members in safely learning, growing, connecting, honoring and enjoying each other.

Our Board of Directors meets on the third Thursday of each month, from 7:30 to 9:30 pm., at SF Catalyst, 1060 Folsom Street, in San Francisco.  Guests are welcome. You do not have to be a board member or a member of the organizations to attend and/or get involved.

Please click here for reports on recent events.

Alliance Projects

SF Catalyst

SF Leather Alliance Weekend

SF Leather Community Awards

Mr SF Leather Contest

Leather Alley at SF Pride

The Alden Spafford Progressive Dinner

The Community Volunteer Appreciation Party

SM Safety Education

Suicide Prevention Education

Motorcycle safety, education and group rides

We also maintain an emergency Grants Account. Community members in financial need because of accident, serious illness or death of a significant other that causes financial hardship may apply to receive up to $1500 in assistance for basic living expenses.

Contact and Other Info

You can contact the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance at info (at) leatheralliance (dot) org

Like us on Facebook:  LeatherAlliance

Find us on Twitter: @LeatherAlliance

Header photo by Dot.  Other photo credits on this Web site include Ceridwyn AsherRich Stadtmiller, Daniel SamblanetJoe MazzaJouke Lanning, Paul Margolis, and David Hyman.