Other Cultural Districts’ News

In solidarity with our fellow Cultural Districts, we are pleased to invite you to like, follow and attend the events of the other San Francisco’s other Cultural Districts:

Upcoming Events

Have info on other Cultural District events?  Please send links to outreach-chair@sflcd.org) and we will post them here!

Parades in Oakland!

The Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District is participated in both the Oakland Trans March and the Oakland Pride Parade this year.

Leather Trans Pride Flag created by: Bobbee Trans Mooremon

The inaugural Trans March Oakland was on Saturday, September 7, 2019.  

The Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District had a contingent of more than 20 people when it stepped off at the 10th Annual Oakland Pride Parade, on Sunday morning, September 8, 2019, and more leather folks joined along the way.

San Francisco’s leather titleholders lead the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District contingent at the 2019 Oakland Pride Parade.
The Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District contingent marches in the 2019 Oakland Pride Parade.

Thanks to Norm Lynde for the pictures!

Because so many folks visit our South of Market neighborhood from the East Bay — including many who have moved there from San Francisco in recent years — we are pleased to be extending our Cultural District outreach to the queer community there.  We look forward to future area-wide adventures in leather!

Board Elected

At the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District Community Meeting on August 21, 2019, nine individuals were elected as the initial Board of Directors, and Bob Goldfarb was elected President.  At the Board’s meeting, on August 24, 2019, the remaining officers were elected.  The full Board list is thus as follows:

  • Bob Goldfarb (Bob.Goldfarb@sflcd), Three years, President
  • Bob Brown (Bob.Brown@sflcd), Two years, Vice-President
  • Eric See (Eric.See@sflcd), One year, Secretary
  • York Ng (York.Ng@sflcd), Two years, Treasurer
  • David Hyman (David.Hyman@sflcd), Three years
  • Erik Will (Erik.Will@sflcd), Two years
  • Gayle Rubin (Gayle.Rubin@sflcd), Three years
  • Stephan Ferris (Stephan.Ferris@sflcd), One year
  • Steve Gaynes (Steve.Gaynes@sflcd), One year


Office Space Sought

The Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District is looking for a small office in the SOMA area.  This would be a place of operations for staff and community leaders to work out of.   We are looking for: 

  • 300-500 square feet
  • 1-2 workstation setup
  • ADA-compliant / wheelchair accessible
  • Access to a conference or meeting room for our monthly Board meetings
  • Some storage space
  • It would be nice to have access to a kitchenette & bathroom
  • Mailing address would be nice
  • Location within (or near to) our Cultural District is important.  That is roughly bounded by Howard, 7th, Street, and Highways 101 and 80.  (The actual District map can be viewed here.)

We are hoping to find either a low-cost or donated space.  An otherwise vacant storefront would be ideal, as it would increase our visibility and accessibility by the local community.  We would be happy to look at subleases or coexisting with other organizations.  

If you have information about a possible location, or would like more information or to discuss, please contact land-use-chair@sflcd.org.