Board Nominations Now Open

The Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District will hold elections at its meeting on August 21, 2019, to select nine (9) individuals to serve as the initial Board of Directors for the Organization.

Directors will serve terms of up to three years.  Full information about Directors’ duties are included in the Bylaws.  At this time, any individual may be nominated to serve on the Board. You may nominate yourself, or nominate someone else.

To nominate yourself, click here.

To nominate someone else, click here.

If the above links do not work on your computer, you may simply send an email to, with the subject line “Nomination to Board”.  In the email, include:

  • The name of the person being nominated;
  • Their email address;
  • If it is a self-nomination, also include the following:
    • Which of the following constituencies within the District you believe that you represent (None is not a disqualification):
      • Residents / Families / Artists / Youth / Elders / Businesses (incl. employees) / Nonprofits / None.
    • A statement of roughly 500 words or less, regarding your qualifications, interests, past involvement, experience, availability, special skills, goals, and/or anything else that voters should know about you.


Our attorney has confirmed that the following procedures are acceptable to elect our first Board:

  • Nominations are open until 5:00 pm, Wednesday, August 14, 2019.
  • Anyone may be nominated and elected.
  • We ask nominees to identify the constituencies that they represent, because we are striving to have representation from each constituency that the Organization is designed to benefit.  However, each individual Director may represent several, or none, of these constituencies.
  • We will share each nominee’s statement when received.  The sooner you submit your nomination, the more people will have a chance to see it. We cannot guarantee that materials sent to us after 5:00 p.m. Friday, August 16, 2019 will be available to voters.
  • Voting privileges at the August meeting are extended to anyone who has had voting privileges at any previous Community Meeting.  That means anyone who has attended any two of three consecutive monthly meetings (including the 8/21 meeting) is eligible to vote.
  • Payment of dues is not required to vote at this meeting.
  • Nine (9) Board seats are open for election.  Paper ballots will be provided at the meeting. Each voter can vote for 9 individuals. The top 9 vote-getters who receive 50%+1 of ballots cast will be elected to the board. If there is a tie vote resulting in more than 9 candidates qualifying for the board, an additional round of voting will be held among only the tied candidates. If less than 9 candidates receive 50%+1 of ballots cast, a single additional round of voting will be held among only the candidates with less than 50%+1 of ballots cast. If there are still less than 9 candidates elected, the board will proceed with the number of people elected.

The election of the Initial Board will take place
at the Community Meeting
on Wednesday, August 21, 2019, at 7:00 pm,
in Room 204 of the SF LGBT Community Center,
1800 Market Street (at Octavia) , in San Francisco.

Please plan to attend this important meeting.


Community Benefit District Seeks Input

It might be easy for folks to confuse the new “SoMa West Community Benefit District” with our own Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District: they both serve roughly the same area within San Francisco, and they are both working to make that neighborhood safe, lively, and welcoming to residents and visitors.

So it is important for us to be clear and well-informed about the differences:  We don’t impose a tax on property owners and businesses; we don’t plan to power-wash the streets or hire safety patrols to supplement city services.  On the other hand, they don’t plan to help struggling BDSM performance artists keep their studios open, promote SOMA as a kinky vacation destination, or build a Leather Center.

But there is clearly a great deal of overlap in our interests.  So we are encouraging all members and friends of the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District to do a few things:

  • Take a few minutes to fill out the Soma West CBD’s Initial Services survey. so that their priorities reflect yours;
  • Subscribe to their newsletter here, so that you hear about their meetings and activities; and
  • Consider serving on their Board of Directors, as a formal or informal representative of the Leather Community.  Full information and an application form can be found here.

Working with SoMa West CBD and other community-based Districts in the South of Market area is a priority for the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District ; you can help with that important work.  Thanks!

Timely Reminders

The video of the meeting of July 17, 2019 can be viewed here

The Bylaws were approved, to go into effect following the election of the Board of Directors at the August 21 2019 meeting.  You can view the Approved Bylaws here.

Because we were not able to complete our agenda, the selection of a logo for the Cultural District remains open.  Relevant documents are available:

Logo Submissions Poll

Logo Submissions (PDF)

Logo Submissions as Powerpoint (PPT)

Logos — Stationery Size

Please watch this page for information about nominating yourself (or others) to our new Board of Directors!  Questions?  Write to

The next Community Meeting to discuss the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District is set for Wednesday, August 21, 2019, at 7:00 pm, in Room 204 of the SF LGBT Community Center, 1800 Market Street (at Octavia) , in San Francisco.

Please note the location.

Please use public transportation to access The SF LGBT Center.
Street parking is limited. The SF LGBT Center is accessible by MUNI J,K,L,M,N or F, as well as bus lines 6,7,61,71. Please be considerate of our neighbors and do not block driveways or park in blue, yellow or white zones.

The agenda for the meeting will be distributed in advance.  The venue is fully ADA accessible, and all are welcome.  If you are unable to attend, you may be able to watch and comment here.

Special Note:  This meeting will include the election of our initial Board of Directors.  Pending approval by our attorney, the following has been agreed:

  • Anyone may be nominated to the Board.  Persons elected will need to become Voting Members in order to be able to serve as Directors.  (See Bylaws for full Voting Membership requirements.)
  • Voting privileges at the August meeting are extended to anyone who has had voting privileges at any previous Community Meeting.  That means anyone who has attended any two of three consecutive monthly meetings (including the 8/21 meeting).

As you can see, this will be an important meeting.  We look forward to seeing you then.

Click here for more information about all our meetings, or click here to open our calendar.  (Tip:  Open any event you want to attend, and click “More Actions” to copy the event to your own personal Google Calendar.)

The next Land Use Committee Meeting is set for Wednesday, August 14, 2019, from  7 to 9 PM., at the SF Eagle, 398 12th Street.

An agenda will be available in advance of the meeting. The draft minutes of the meeting of July 10, 2019 are available for your review here.  Please contact the committee chair for more info!

Sunday Streets SOMA” will once again transform 1.3 miles of Folsom Street,  — from Essex to 10th Street — into open pedestrian space, including a block or two set aside for the Leather Community to show off!  Please mark your calendars now for this:  Sunday, August 18, 2019, from 11 am to 4 pm.  Scroll down or click here (or write to for more info on getting involved in the planning, and the fun.

Thanks to everyone who visited our booth at the 2019 Pride Celebration!  Many of you received info cards sending you to this Web site — thanks for following up and visiting!  Feel free to browse the site, and please do consider attending our next Community Meeting (info below.)

Thanks especially to the GLBT Historical Society  who arranged the booth for us and the Castro LGBTQ Cultural District.  It was wonderful to be able to share with so many people (locals and from around the world) just how much our city values its LGBT population and culture.

And of course, maximum thanks to the wonderful volunteers who helped staff the booth over the two days.

As we said so often, to so many people:  “Help keep our city kinky!”

Welcome to the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District Web Site

Hi.  Thanks for your interest in the new “Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District”, recently created by the City of San Francisco, to honor, support, and protect the unique and special culture that has flourished in the South of Market area.

We encourage anyone with an interest in the leather or kink community to learn about this project, and participate however they can.

There are lots of ways to get informed and involved:

  • Read this brief introduction, or the latest version of our brochure.
  • Click here to add your name to the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District email list, to be notified of meetings and other events, join a committee, or volunteer your skills.
  • Attend one of our monthly Open Community Meetings.
  • Consider joining our Land Use Committee.  (Involvement options range from occasionally showing up at a meeting in City Hall, to researching city archives, to handling critical negotiations with planners and developers.  Having special skills in real estate or civic planning would be great, but it’s not required.  More info is here; contact to join the Committee.)
  • Consider joining our Outreach and Events Committee.  (Help spread the word about our District, and plan our participation in local street fairs and other events.   View a typical meeting agenda here; contact to join this Committee.)
  • Consider joining our Finance Committee.  (Finance and accounting skills are not required — although of course they could be very helpful if you have them.  Participation is limited to voting members of the District, but do contact for information or to join.)
  • Read the Resolution as approved by the Board of Supervisors, and signed by the Mayor on May 9, 2018, here.
  • Read the Vision and Mission Statements for the Cultural District here.
  • View a map of the Cultural District here.
  • Like the SF Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District on Facebook. where you can view live streaming of community meetings.  
  • Join our Group on Fetlife.
  • Follow @sfleatherdist on Twitter
  • Write to our group’s Chairperson, Robert Goldfarb, using the email address

Let’s see what we can do to make this happen, and make it happen right!

Sunday Streets Returns to SOMA

The “Sunday Streets” phenomenon returns to Folsom Street on Sunday, August 18, 2019, from 11 am to 4 pm, creating 1.3 miles of temporary open space — from Essex to 10th Street — for the community to enjoy.

Once again, the Leather Community will take over a portion of the street — probably between 8th and 10th Streets — to introduce the community to our organizations and activities, and to enjoy a car-free afternoon with our neighbors.

Both the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance and the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District are planning to participate, and other local organizations of all kinds are also welcome to join in:  visit to sign up (their deadline is July 27.)  All kinds of exhibitors are welcome:  information booths, physical activity, arts and crafts, art installations, music/dance/cultural performance, food sampling, voter education/political campaigning, or other creative interactivity with the public.

An important part of the festivities will be the Victory Party for the new 2020 Mr. San Francisco Leather and San Francisco Bootblack, who will be selected at the contests on the previous evening.  (Info and tickets at

Please “save the day” for this. August 18, 2019, from 11 am to 4 pm .  And contact to discuss how you OR your organization can be part of the fun.

You can also plan to attend a planning meeting with the folks of Livable City (the producers of Sunday Streets throughout San Francisco), on July 26th, from 10 to 11 a.m., at the Livable City offices at 325 8th St #235.  And for more info about “Sunday Streets SF” , visit their Web site.