Links for January Meeting

For your convenience, here are links to important documents relevant to the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District Community Meeting of Wednesday, January 16, 2019:


Minutes of SFLCD Community Meeting 12/19/2018

Draft of Proposed Bylaws Sections for Member Review and Action

Proposed Election Procedures

Feedback Form

Outreach Committee Proposal Regarding Organization Names and Acronyms
(Supplemental info available here.)

Steering Committee Proposal

Draft of Bylaws Articles Ready For Review

The Governance Committee is pleased to present the first draft of a number of the Bylaws Articles that we have worked through and are recommending for our Members’ input.

Below are links to two separate documents:

Draft of Proposed Bylaws sections for member review and action — This document reflects proposed language for key Bylaws areas for the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District’s intended 501(c)3 non-profit incorporation.

We have included the Mission and Vision Statements in Article II, which were reviewed and approved by the members last summer, as well as our physical boundaries as described in the approved, legal legislation.

Please read this document carefully and submit your comments, using the link provided, by Monday January 14th. (Please do NOT attempt to make suggestions or add comments to the document itself).  

Note that this draft includes the following Articles: Name, Mission, Boundaries, Membership, Officers and Finance. Still to come are several remaining Articles: Governing Board, Board and Member Meetings, Committees, Grievances, Amendments, etc. Our intent is to provide the remaining Articles for your review before the February meeting.

We encourage your thoughtful questions and comments.  We look forward to the discussion at the meeting on Wednesday, January 16, starting at 7 pm, at SF Catalyst.  A vote is not requested at this time.

Proposed Election Procedures — This document lays out our proposal for how our Board of Directors should be elected.  It includes both material that will be in the Bylaws, and additional details which will be more appropriate for “policies and procedures” documentation.  We want you to know and comment on this package now, because it deals with the Board elections which we hope to have once the Bylaws are approved.  Please read it through and let us know if these plans are unclear or raise any concerns.

Again, to summarize, here are the links:

Thanks very much for taking the time to read, think about, and respond to  these materials. Please note that once the Bylaws have been reviewed and conditionally approved by the Members, we will then forward them for examination by an attorney familiar with California non-profit laws . 

We look forward to reading your comments and suggestions. We will address them prior to the February meeting. Please utilize the feedback form so we may have an organized assessment of all contributions.As always, you can keep up to date with the District by following our page on Facebook, joining our group on Fetlife, or browsing our Web site.


Rand and Ren
Governance Committee
Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District


Map of District

We are working on a map showing the District Boundaries and some of the important current and former LGBTQ and Leather businesses in and around it.  You can view and interact with it below, or on Google Maps here.  Historic sites are based on the published work of Gayle Rubin, to whom we are very grateful.  Errors are our own, however, and may be reported to

A document is available here which includes the formal boundary definition, a list of the street addresses included in the Cultural District, and a small-scale map.

If you just want a clear outline of the District Boundaries:Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District Boundaries

Another map of “Leather History” in South of Market San Francisco was put together by Hunter Fox, and can be found here.