San Francisco Bootblack

In 2018 the title of San Francisco Bootblack was created, and the San Francisco Bootblack contest was added to the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance Weekend.

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San Francisco Bootblack, 2020

2020 San Francisco Bootblack : Jessie

Jessie is a black queer leather boi with a hint of femme who finds contentment in the crafting and care of leather. Jessie is a shoeshine by day and at night she bootblacks at your favorite Leather bars. Delighted by the bloodiest of things, she enjoys trying to escape, but knives and needles get her eager to please. She yearns to make “passion” a saturated verb.

San Francisco Bootblack, 2019

Allison Boots
2019 San Francisco Bootblack 

Queer High Femme. Leather babygirl. Bootblack.

She is a proud patched member of the San Francisco girls of Leather, Bay Area raised, total cutie-pie with curves for days. And don’t forget those femme flags: hunter green, tan, and floral on the Right.

She has been getting her hand’s dirty as a bootblack in the community since 2013. She started her training with Scout the Bootblack and is currently being mentored under Ms. V. With an attention to detail and grease under her nails, nothing phases this Bootblack.

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Video of Allison’s speech at SF Bootblack Contest, March 3, 2019, by RosaLinda Colin

San Francisco Bootblack, 2018 –

2020 Jessie
2019 Allison Boots
2018 Victoria Bootblack