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The holiday spirit is making Alliance a little frisky!

On December 31st,  the SF Eagle’s traditional Sunday afternoon Beer Bust will get the New Year celebrations started early, with the Leather Alliance raising funds for its Emergency Grants Fund and other activities at a cigar-studded NYE Warm-Up called “Beers Boots Cigars — Shine In The New Year”.   Don’t expect champagne and noisemakers; but $15 will get you some very special food, plus all the beer or soda you choose to drink.  You can purchase baked treats lovingly prepared by the Little Scouts, or Jello shots that will get you started making 2017 a distant memory.  So shine up your gear to get ready, then shine it around with the Leather Alliance and its member organizations, from 3 to 6 p.m., on the last Sunday of the year, at the San Francisco Eagle, 398 12th Street, in San Francisco.

Then, on Friday January 5, it’s the “Resolutions! Make ‘me or Break ’em” Open Play Party.  The resolutions and revolutions run from 8 p.m. until 1 a.m, at SF Catalyst, 1060 Folsom Street (between 6th and 7th), in San Francisco.  Details on Facebook, or (slightly more explicitly) on FetLife.  Tickets are $20 at the door, but EventBrite has them for $15.  Or sign up to volunteer, and admission could be free!

Holiday Party Held for Volunteers!

The Leather Alliance’s 2017 Volunteer Appreciation Holiday Party – “Twisted Snowflakes”– offered food, drink, and good times to all the great volunteers who help make our community strong.

Starting at 6 pm on Sunday, December 3, 2017, over 70 people came to San Francisco Catalyst, the Leather Alliance’s kinky community space at 1060 Folsom Street (between 6th and 7th).  The party was free. and open to anyone who has helped out as a volunteer, helping our leather, kink, fetish or motorcycle community in any way.

You can hold your own party at SF Catalyst — it’s easier than you think, and the space is flexible enough for a meeting, a festive gathering, or an orgy.  For more information, write to

SF BASiL Hosts Leather Mocktail Party

Ken Berard – 2018 Mr. SF Sober Leather

Dominique — 2018 Sober Kinkster

SF BAY AREA SOBER in LEATHER held a night of risqué entertainment and craft mocktails, as they announced the appointment of Mr. SF Sober Leather 2018, Ken Berard, and Sober Kinkster 2018 Dominique

The event happened Saturday, November 4th, 2017, at San Francisco’s premier kinky event space, SF Catalyst, 1060 Folsom Street.  Entertainment included performances by Kochina Rude, Sue Veneer, Sheba Queen of the NightKitten de Ville, and our own Mr. San Francisco Leather 2017 Geoff Millard, along with a mesmerizing video wall and a silent auction.  The MC was Stephan Ferris, the DJ was La Mano, and event sponsors included Mr. S Leather and the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance.

Established in 2013, SF BASiL is an inclusive, sober-centered community organization that caters to but not limited to the leather, kink, BDSM, fetish communities in the greater SF Bay Area. Its purpose is to organize and network with other individuals and businesses in providing safe and sober alternatives away from the bar scene, to unite the sober communities on either side of the bay, to reach out to those who wish to lead a sober lifestyle, help those in recovery, and be a beacon of strength and hope to those who looking for a solution. SF BASiL is not affiliated with any 12 step or other recovery programs.  

Leather Alliance Shows Off at Non-Profit Expo

The annual OurTownSF Nonprofit Expo was held at the Eureka Valley Recreation Center, on Saturday, October 14 from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM, to introduce the community to over 100 SF LGBTQ arts, community, fundraiser, legal, political, recovery, well-being, and spiritual groups.

Azalea and Geoff at Our Town ExpoThis year, for the first time, the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance had its own table at the Expo, sharing information about the Alliance itself, and about the groups and organizations it unites and supports.

The table was hosted by Ms. San Francisco Leather 2017 Anna Rose Azalea Hollinger and Mr. San Francisco Leather 2017  Geoff Millard.  The event was great fun and educational for all who attended.

How Alliance Organizations Celebrated Leather Week

As we look back on the 2017 Folsom Street Fair, it seems appropriate to highlight some of the special events that were organized by the various organizations and community groups that make up the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance.  It is also great to see how many events were held at the Alliance’s own site, the San Francisco Catalyst.

Progressive DinnerLeather Alliance SOMA Progressive Dinner
Saturday, September 16, 2017
SF CatalystCenter for Sex and CultureWicked GroundsMr. SPowerhouseSF Eagle, and Lone Star Saloon

Folsom Thursday Kinky MixerFolsom Kinky Mixer
Thursday, September 21, 2017 • 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
SF Catalyst

the Exiles 20th Anniversary SocialExiles All-Genders 20th Anniversary Celebration!
Friday, September 22, 2017 • 7:30 PM – 10:15 PM
Center for Sex and Culture

Dark Moon Rising

Dark Moon Rising – A Women’s Play Party
Friday, September 22, 2017 • 8:00 PM -1:30 AM
SF Catalyst

Golden Gate Guards Leather Cruise on San Francisco Bay
Golden Gate Guards Leather Cruise on San Francisco Bay
Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

15 Association Play PartyThe 15 Association Folsom Play Party
Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 • 6:00 PM – 12:00 AM
SF Catalyst

Folsom Eve at the Citadel

Folsom Eve at the SF Citadel
Saturday, September 23, 2017 • 7:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Folsom Street Overnight
Sunday Morning, September 24, 2017 • 1:00 AM – Noon
SF Catalyst



Release - Folsom Sunday Play PartyRELEASE – An Open Play Party
Sunday, September 24, 2017 • 2:00 PM – 9:00 PM
SF Catalyst

Progressive Dinner Kicks Off Leather Week 2017

The SF Bay Area Leather Alliance held its annual Alden Spafford Progressive Dinner on Saturday September 16th, kicking off SF Leather Week 2017.

Progressive Dinner Pin

At each location participants encountered a new course (soup, salad, entree, etc.) provided and served by members of our organizations and our board of directors.  Vegetarian options were available at each stop.

In addition to a tasty meal, and some fun raffle prizes, they enjoyed a social event with kinky individuals in a casual environment, a tour of SOMA kink businesses, and an opportunity to learn about — and meet the members of — the Leather Alliance and its organizations.

Alden Spafford was a long-time core volunteer with many Leather Community groups, including the InterClub Fund, the SF Leather Forum, and the Satyrs MC.  Accordingly, funds raised by this event traditionally support Leather Alliance community volunteer recognition events.

This year our tour through SOMA was guided by Mr. SF Leather Geoff Millard, and stops included:

Each stop was reviewed live on Facebook.  You can check out those reports at

Just a reminder:  If you’d like to volunteer for any Leather Alliance project or event, email  If you are a member of one of the Alliance organizations, we encourage you to plan now to participate in the 2018 Progressive Dinner.  Thanks!

Alliance Helps Fund Ringold Alley Project

The Leather Alliance and a host of volunteers got together recently to create a special event to help fund the Ringold Alley Leather History Project.

If you are unfamiliar with the project, you definitely need to drop by Ringold Alley some time to check it out.  The project showcases leather pride colors on bulb outs, names from our history on bronze bootprints, and granite “standing stones” honoring some of the important leather organizations and institutions of our community’s early years.  A large explanatory marker features iconic images:  Chuck Arnett’s famous mural and Fe-Be’s “Leather David”.


Visit the Exiles Web site or “Leather Memoir” for more information on the Project, and see it out for yourself:  Ringold Alley runs from 8th and 9th Streets, between Harrison and Folsom Streets.

To aid in the fundraising, a very special “Boots, Beer and Bikes” event was held on Saturday July 29, from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m, at the San Francisco Eagle. The event was hosted by Alotta Boutté, and included a beer bust (with fried chicken, corn on the cob and chocolate pots de creme), internationally known boot blacks, a cigar lounge hosted by the Puff Cigar Club, and a very special feature: the Bike Wash.  

Special thanks are due to the SF Eagle for providing the space, to event organizer Jesbian Bagheera, to Teagan and all the bootblacks, to the Puff Cigar Club, to the Dykes on Bikes and other bike-washers, to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, to leather historian Gayle Rubin, and to all the groups and individuals (including the Legion of Sin, the Exiles, LDG, SFgoL, the Little Scouts, Leatherquest/Foundations, and Folsom Street Events) who donated and volunteered to make the event a success!

And thanks also to everyone who attended and added something to the energy of the event, and to the support fund for this important monument to our community’s history.

Leather Alley Excites and Educates!

Amid the crowds and commotion of the 2017 San Francisco Pride Festival, one attraction stood out as being fun, erotic, educational, and community-building, while also raising important funds for the Leather Alliance.  That was Leather Alley 2017!

A steady stream of visitors waited patiently for entrance, and were rewarded with a multitude of sights and sounds. First they entered a hang-out space for conversation and light play.  The K9 Unit had a mosh for all the eager puppies, and the Little Scouts provided face painting and play space for littles.  Exiles and Queer Sphere offered information on their organizations, and helped distribute information from other groups.

Moving deeper up the alley, visitors observed suspension bondage, flogging and single-tail whipping demos, spanking and caning, immobilization and edging, and other fascinating demonstrations (using bondage furniture and gear generously provided by Mr S Leather, Catalyst SF, the Citadel, and Dark Odyssey).  A few brave and lucky guests even were invited to endure “samples” of these sensations, administered by the hands and toys of expert, experienced tops.

[Looking for pictures?  Sorry, Leather Alley was an adults-only, camera-free zone.]

It all was made possible by the enormous work of a large cadre of volunteers, including a hard-working planning team, the dedicated crew who erected and tore down the fencing and furniture, the representatives of the 15 Association, SF Catalyst, the Citadel and other Alliance member organizations who staffed the demo play stations, the Legion of Sin who took responsibility for security, the Leather Alliance leadership team who tirelessly collected donations, the ushers who kept the crowd safe and orderly, the Ambassadors who answered questions, and all the other groups and individuals who contributed time and energy — and in some cases the very skin off their backs — to making the day such a success.

Of course, volunteering did have its privileges:  a quiet place to relax with its own private port-a-potties, healthy refreshments, gear storage, and the freedom to visit the Alley any time without waiting in line.  (Think about that when you make your plans for next year’s Pride!)

But the greatest reward — besides the fun itself — was the knowledge that we were bringing information, awareness, and acceptance to thousands of guests, many of whom have never had the chance to see and talk to BDSM practitioners, and help them discover opportunities for education, support, and connections to others with similar interests.  Some may have come to gawk, and left with a better understanding and insight into the leather and kink community.

The organizers of the event, and Leather Alliance as a whole, offers a heartfelt thanks to all the Leather Alley volunteers, guests, and other supporters and participants.  It wouldn’t be a San Francisco Pride Festival without Leather Alley!

Leather Marches With Pride!

The Leather / Fetish / Motorcycle / Kink Community of the San Francisco Bay Area came out in force for the San Francisco Pride Parade on Sunday, June 25, 2017.

Many of the constituent groups within the Leather Alliance had subcontingents marching within the Leather Pride Contingent group, and plenty of individuals joined in as well.

As noted by the Pride Parade organizers, a major theme for the parade was #resist.  The event was not just a joyous demonstration of our pride; it was a march, a call to resist regression, stand up against exclusion, demand equality, and celebrate diversity.  The Leather, Motorcycle and Kink communities were pleased and proud to be part of it.

Photos of the Leather Pride Contingent can be found at Pup Shiny’s Cage and at RichTrove.  Pictures and videos are also being posted on the Leather Pride Facebook page.

Mr. SF Leather Becomes First Runner-Up IML in Chicago!

Geoff Millard

Geoff Millard, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2017, was selected as First Runner-Up at the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago, bringing great pride and joy to our Bay Area Leather community.

The Winners of the 2017 International Mr. Leather Contest

Joe King, Ryan Garner-Carpenter. Ralph Bruneau, and Geoff Millard.

Ralph BruneauMr. GNI Leather 2016, won the title of International Mr. Leather 2017, and Joe King, Mr. Leather Europe, was second runner-up.  Ryan Garner-Carpenter is International Mr. Bootblack 2017, with the runner-up position going to Australian Bootblack 2017 Rhys Lewis.

Our congratulations to Geoff, to Ralph and the other winners, to all the contestants, their supporters and family, and all the participants in this year’s IML.

An IML Welcome Home Party has been scheduled for Saturday, June 3, 2017, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm at the Lone Star Saloon, 1354 Harrison St, in San Francisco.

Community Sends Mr. SF Leather Off To IML In Style!

Geoff Millard, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2017, is heading off to represent us all at the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago this month, and the community gathered to support him on Saturday, May 13th, at the San Francisco Eagle.

The party followed the meeting of the San Francisco Leather Pride Contingent, at which Kirk “Brue” Pierce and Teagan were selected as the Leather Marshals for the 2017 Pride Parade, and a beer bust benefiting the Leather Contingent.

The party included performances by Kippy MarksMark PaladiniJohn WeberSable Jones, and  Jesi Ringofire, with DJ RoseGold in the booth.  Here are a few highlights:

Sable Jones

Sable Jones

 Kippy Marks, Mark Paladini, and John Weber

Kippy Marks, Mark Paladini, and John Weber

Kippy and Geoff

Kippy and Geoff

Cody, Mark, Aisia and Geoff

Kippy Marks performs

Geoff is flogged

The event was great fun, raised over $1200 for Geoff’s travel fund, and showed our community’s support for the man we believe is destined to become International Mr. Leather 2017!

Leather Alliance Weekend Completed!

The 2017 San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance Weekend was held March 3rd through 5th, 2017.

Major events were held at SOMArts, at 934 Brannan Street in San Francisco, with additional events at other locations around the city.

The fun started early, with two “United” parties, one on 2/17 at the Lonestar for the contestants number draw, and another on 2/19 at the Edge where the Class of 2016 and the Class of 2017 joined forces to raise money for the SF Leather Alliance.

The actual Weekend festivities started on Friday with a “meet and greet” at Mr. S, and continued with the first-ever Titleholders Reunion party, honoring titleholders from around the world, past and present.

Saturday activities began with kink workshops and a vendor fair, leading up to the Mr. San Francisco Leather contest, which was followed in turn by a Victory Party.

On Sunday we gathered for the 51st annual SF Leather Community Awards ceremony and brunch, after which we headed to the Eagle for the traditional Sunday afternoon beer bust.

For more about the Weekend, including pictures and video, please visit

And mark your calendars:  the next Leather Alliance Weekend is scheduled for March 2nd through 4th, 2018.

Geoff Millard
Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop Leather
becomes 35th Mr. San Francisco Leather

A sold out crowd filled the hall of SOMArts for the Mr. San Francisco Leather 2017 Contest.  Six highly qualified, well-spoken and very attractive men competed for the title before a distinguished panel of judges.

The winner was Geoff Millard, representing Daddy’s Barbershop, an institution within the Castro neighborhood and the leathermen’s community.  Geoff distinguished himself with an assertive and eloquent 90-second speech, praising the “bad asses” in the audience, and in the greater community, and urging them to defend their rights in the challenging times to come.  He will go on to compete for the title of International Mr. Leather 2017 in Chicago this June.

Al Rahm, Mr. San Francisco Bay Area Sober in Leather, was selected as first runner up, and Mr. Powerhouse Leather, Travis Santell Rowland, became second runner up.

All the candidates showed great poise and confidence, and spoke well in both their prepared remarks (delivered while wearing razor-sharp full leather outfits) and their pop questions (improvised while wearing jockstraps).

The evening included several musical numbers, numerous honors and tributes, sharp repartee from MCs Lenny Broberg and Donna Sachet, and a heartfelt step-down speech by Mr. San Francisco Leather 2016 Cody Elkin.  A silent auction and the passing of a picnic basket raised major funds for the Leather Alliance’s Suicide Prevention Project and other worthy causes.

The crowd gratefully acknowledged the work of Ray Tilton and his production crew for creating a crisp, smoothly run and highly entertaining event.  The contest was followed by victory celebrations at the Powerhouse and other Castro and SoMa locations.

For more about the Contest, including pictures and video, please visit

Congratulations to Mr. San Francisco Leather 2017: Geoff Millard (Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop 2017)

Leather Alliance opens SOMA Educational & Social Space

The SF Bay Area Leather Alliance, an all-volunteer 501(c)3, is proud to announce the opening of “SF Catalyst”, a new community-run educational and social space in SOMA. The 2500+ sq foot space is now available for use by groups and organizations for events that are in alignment with the mission of The Alliance: to create a welcoming and supportive environment for members of the SF Bay Area Leather Fetish, Kink, & Motorcycling communities.

A primary goal of this project is to provide needed space for community organizations’ use in furthering their programs and missions. The Alliance remains committed to working with the other existing San Francisco “Leather” community spaces including the Center for Sex & Culture, Wicked Grounds, and The Citadel to ensure the long term vitality of the SF Bay Area “Leather” communities.SFCatalystMainSpace

We are currently looking for individuals who are willing to commit to being part of the ongoing volunteer team filling primary and secondary positions in the operation of this project & space. There is a new form for volunteering, so please go to to sign up.  (If you signed up on the old form and never heard back…. sorry about that; please try again with the new form.)

As with all projects of the Alliance, the new space will be operated with a commitment to diversity and inclusion. We seek a broad representation of volunteers, participants, groups, kinks, ages, abilities, races and genders from our wonderful and rich SF Bay Area BDSM, leather, kink, and fetish communities to make this the best community space possible.

For more information, visit the SFCatalyst Web site, check out the Facebook or FetLife page, or subscribe to the Mailing List.

Volunteer to help out at Inquiries for renting the space may be sent to General questions regarding the project may be sent to

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