Mr SF Leather

Since 2009 the Mr San Francisco Leather contest has been owned and produced by the Leather Alliance as an outreach, education, and community-building project. The contest is one component of Leather Alliance Weekend, held on the first weekend of March each year.

Mr. San Francisco Leather 2019

Jawn Marques
Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop Leather 2019
Mr. San Francisco Leather 2019

Jawn Marques grew up in ultra conservative Baton Rouge Louisiana. He finished college with a degree in Chemistry and quickly moved to New Orleans, the most liberal city in the south. New Orleans holds a big place in Jawn’s heart but after moving to San Francisco five years ago he has found a place that he calls his true home.

At his core Jawn is a kinkster and supports safe spaces for enjoying kink and BDSM play. You may recognize him as Mr. December in the Bare Chest Calendar and currently Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop Leather 2019.

Jawn is involved in community service and outreach. He assisted the coast guard after hurricane Katrina by going door to door searching for survivors. He seeks to be a positive light, educating on suicide prevention and promotes inclusivity and diversity for all.

A few things to know about Jawn are he loves music and loves to sing along, especially disco tracks. He loves SoulCycle and outdoor activities, especially any kind of frisky play outside. He likes to show off and be an exhibitionist, especially in public places. And what he loves most is when as many people who want to join in the fun.

You can like and follow Jawn here.  You can also help the Trevor Project by buying one of Jawn’s custom-designed “Branded Pork” t-shirts here, using promocode JAWN.

Mr. San Francisco Leather, 1979 –

2019 Jawn Marques
2018 Matt Welch
2017  Geoff Millard +
2016  Cody Elkin
2015  Trevor Black
2014  Scott “Big Red” Farrell
2013  Andy Cross *
2012  Jessie Vanciel
2011  Darren Bondy
2010  Lance Holman +
2009  Brandon Clark
2008  Ron Balos
2007  Travis Creston
2006  Toro Comacho
2005  Dodger Allen +
2004  Julian Marshburn
2003  Troy Anicete
2002  Peter Jackson
2001  Houston Davenport ++
2000  Lance Gear
1999  Werner Tillinger
1998  Stephan Edwards
1997  Barry Rogers
1996  Gary Virginia
1995  Wolf Mirasol
1994  Mike Lias
1993  Greg Byfield
1992  Lenny Broberg  *
1991  Mitch Johnson ++
1990  Ray Tilton
1989  Peter Austin
1988  Stephan Mistler
1987  Bill Johansen
1986  JimEd Thompson +
1985  Patrick Toner * – (No Mr SF Leather contest, represented from SF as Mr. Chaps)
1984  Jake Banks
1983  Steve Roberts
1982  Jim Cvitanich
1981  Marty Kiker  * – Represented the Brig
1980  Mike Martin – Represented the Brig
1979  David Kloss * – Represented the Brig

* = won International Mr Leather

+ = 1st runner up at IML

++ = 2nd runner up at IML

San Francisco sent a representative every year to IML.  David Kloss was the first to represent SF in 1979 and won the first IML title. San Francisco boasts the most  IML’s and most men in the 1st or 2nd runner up position than any other city or country.

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