Member Organization Events


Quickie! Pet Play with Ms. Cat!
Wednesday September 16, 2020
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Available Only for Exiles Members and Patreon Patrons
Full info on the Exiles Web site, at 
Perhaps you’ve had the urge to frolic with the puppies at the street fairs. Maybe you’re inner kitty is dying to let out a long purr while being petted in your play partners lap. Your interests are piqued and now you may be wondering how to figure out your play animal. And how do you begin your pet play journey? Or perhaps you’re ready to handle a pet of your own but unsure how to get started. You may be wondering, what pet are you compatible with, or how to approach animals in pet space. Join Ms. Cat as she demonstrates how to interact with pets while we discuss navigating headspace and understanding commands and affection types. She will also review the tricks of the trade when selecting gear, toys and accessories for pet play.

Society of Janus

Learning About Our Kink Community
SOJ Newcomers-Only Crash Course
Sunday, September 13, 2020
3:00pm to 4:30pmVisit the Society of Janus Calendar page for full information and Zoom links.The Society of Janus has moved their “introduction to kink” workshop online, welcomes you to the SOJ Newcomers-Only Crash Course. Listen to the history of the San Francisco Bay Area scene and Society of Janus as well as other topics like consent, meeting others, and communication tips. Brad, our Welcoming Director, will guide you through new terms and answer all questions like:

  • What happens in a dungeon?
  • How can I learn about flogging?
  • Where can I buy kinky gear?

This event is free to all, with a special emphasis to those new to kink.

The Virtual Munch
Let’s Get Together
Come join their Virtual MUNCH for a friendly, high energy, low pressure get-together!
Saturday, September 12, 2020
6:00pm to 7:00pm
Visit the Society of Janus Calendar page for full information and Zoom links.

Hey, we’re trying to bring this munch BACK in virtual form. We are keeping the same second Saturday of the month but 6pm!

This is a great place to meet up with your old friends or make some new ones, whether you are new to the community or a veteran. It’s a very fun and welcoming environment. You do not need to be a member of SoJ to attend; This event is put on to serve the community and bring people together.

UNITY ONLINE – Come Together
A Play Party for the Community by the Community
Saturday, September 19, 2020
8:00pm to 12:00am
Visit the Society of Janus Calendar page for full information and Zoom links.

We may not be able to see each other in person right now; but we are still a community and we are still going to play….virtually of course.

As always The Unity Party reinforces what we have in common while celebrating our differences, learning about organizations in the community that create events and support the spaces where we explore, learn and play.

Like all other Unity events, all proceeds from this virtual Unity play party will go directly to SF Catalyst. While many spaces are being lost during these difficult times, Catalyst is doubling down on its support of the kink community by expanding and becoming much more accessible. It cannot be emphasized enough how critical Catalyst’s survival is for our community’s continued survival and success during this time. For this party we will also be extending support to Black Thorn which is also expanding and by adding an entire new playspace!

In appreciation of their support, Catalyst Patreon members will get free entry to this Unity event.

Get Tickets ($18) on EventBrite.
Support Catalyst on Patreon at the $25 level or above & get free entry to Unity.

The Alpha Academy
Join Team TAA

The Alpha Academy (an educational organization dedicated to empowering women and gender variant folx in discovering and developing their dominance) is growing so fast, it’s awesome!

That means we need more help in moderating our social spaces, managing events and assisting our members.

TAA is looking for people to join Team TAA. This is a team of D-types and s-types alike who:

– help moderate our social presence with our members
– plan, manage, attend and promote TAA events and
– be listed as Mods and Leaders.


*What will be required of me?*  The biggest ask will be of your time. We will require that you show up and be active in TAA. If you are hosting something make sure you can take on that commitment. Join our closed group and our discord channel and check in for updates. Like, comment on, share and attend our ongoing events. Participate in virtual events or meetings.

*How much time will this require of me?* For the hosting roles, just the time of the event and prepping for it. For Team TAA it will depend on if we have a big event happening or just the regular things. For regular things, just minutes a week. For big events it can be up to an hour a week. We hope it’s fun for you to be active with us.

*What do I get in return?* We will change your role within our online groups so you have access to backend channels we use to operate TAA. You will know what we are planning and have a hand in shaping it before anyone else. You will get the satisfaction of assisting the fastest growing FemDom organization in helping its members better. And our heartfelt gratitude.

If being a part of a growing FemDom organization sounds like fun to you, please contact us: