Making the Connection: Race Bannon

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in the Dungeon


Saturday, March 3, 2012  time: 2:30pm – 4:30pm
Doors open at 2:00pm
at the Hotel Whitcomb, 1231 Market St. SF, Ca.


Class Description:

BDSM not only provides us with a fun time erotically, but can also generate metaphors and learning opportunities in our lives. BDSM, if done well, can serve as a wonderful springboard to help us improve ourselves and to arrive at the wisdom we’re meant to acquire while we’re also having a rockin’ good time.

In this class Race Bannon reflects on his nearly 40 years as an avid BDSM player and some of the important lessons he’s learned along the way as a result. Race will also simultaneously highlight some of the basic BDSM techniques and guidelines that will serve as a great introduction to BDSM for the newcomer as well as a good refresher for more experienced players. (Much like an accomplished pianist still practices his scales; sometimes it’s good for even the most experienced BDSM players to review the basics.)

The audience for this class is anyone interested in BDSM, from the newest newcomer to the most experienced player and everyone in between. So whether you’re curious about those principles of life that BDSM can bring to the forefront of our consciousness, or you want to learn or review good, basic BDSM techniques, or both, this class is for you. Instructor presentation, demonstration, active discussion and Q&A will take place throughout the class. For the shyer folks in attendance, participating in discussion is not required. Race wants everyone to feel comfortable attending this class and he places no expectations on how attendees might participate.


Kinky sex has been one of Race Bannon’s passions as a practitioner, organizer, writer, educator, commentator, activist and leader since his first explorations of the leather world starting in 1973. Since that time Race has ardently explored his own sexuality and encouraged others to do the same.  Race’s belief in the inherent freedom to be who you are are in terms of sexual orientation and identity is the foundation upon which many of Race’s community efforts have flourished. Race’s accomplishments include founder of Kink Aware Professionals, a nonprofit service that refers people to kink-sensitive psychotherapeutic, medical and legal professionals (now hosted and managed by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom); leader of The DSM Project that led to a beneficial change in the way the psychotherapeutic profession views kink; author of the best seller Learning The Ropes: A Basic Guide to Safe and Fun SM Lovemaking (Version 2.0 available soon on Amazon); founder of Daedalus Publishing Company, the first publishing company dedicated to publishing nonfiction leather/SM/fetish books; writer of many articles on sexuality; former sex advice columnist; former producer and host of Bound To Talk, the first internet talk show about kinky sex; past Board member of NLA International, NLA Los Angeles and Avatar Club Los Angeles; and member of Chicago Hellfire Club. Race sits on the Board for the Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities ( and also for the Leather Hall of Fame ( He is prominently featured in the documentaries Vice and Consent and Out of the Darkness: The Reality of S&M. Race is regularly interviewed by the press as an expert on kinky sexuality and he is a popular speaker including as an event keynote speaker. He was awarded the National Leather Association International’s 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award and he was recently given the 2010 Mister Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award (Man) Pantheon of Leather Community Service Award. Public health is also an issue Race cares about and he has worked on many HIV prevention projects and was a core organizer for the first San Francisco town hall forum on hepatitis C that changed the direction of how the city treated hepatitis C as a public health concern. Race can be reached through his web site at where you can read his sexuality and relationship blog. Race has also recently started his blog on which he hopes to explore other areas of interest in his life. Race lives in San Francisco where he’s been in a triad relationship with his two partners, Jim and Mike, for over 15 years, and he also has a collared boy in his life.


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