Making the Connection: Rich Stadtmiller

Rich Stadtmiller Exposed


Sunday, June 10, 2012  2:00pm-4:00pm
Doors open at 1:30pm
at Mr. S Leather, 385 8th St. SF, Ca.


Class Description:

Rich Stadtmiller, the renowned photographic chronicler of the SF GLBT community will present “RIch Stadtmiller Exposed” – A presentation in two parts describing how he does what he does and why he does it:

Part 1: “How to Seduce a Stud with a Camera” – Rich explores the dynamics of interactive event photography

Part 2 “The Importance of Preserving Memories” – Rich reveals why preserving memories is important in general and to him personally.

There will be pictures.


Rich Stadtmiller is the force behind Containing over 1400 galleries comprising over 185,000 images and spanning more than a decade, RichTrove is arguably the SF Bay Area’s most extensive on-line GLBT image archive.

His work has been recognized by the Alameda County Leather Corps, Imperial and Ducal Courts, the California Senate, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and Pantheon of Leather. He was awarded the first Mr Marcus Hernandez Memorial Community Service Award by the SF Bay Area Alliance and more recently (2011) received a lifetime achievement award from Toronto Leather Pride.

Rich has been the official photographer for Leather Levi Weekend, SF Leather Pride Contingent, Mr SF Leather, Ms SF Leather, International Ms Leather, International LeatherSir/boy, International Break Rendezvous, and Bare Chest Calendar events.
In addition to the RichTrove Archive, Rich’s credited images have appeared in A Bear’s Life Magazine, The Leather Journal, SF Bay Times, Gloss Magazine, Bay Area Reporter and BARTAB magazine.

Rich organized and financially backed the Hayward Pride Street Festival in 2005 and 2006, and was an early supporter of Leather Levi Weekend.

Rich has been a presenter on leather spirituality at Leather Leadership Conference 12 and other venues.
He has also presented at the SF Leather Discussion Group, LLC 12, and Sacramento Valley Leather Corps on the importance of preserving memories.
Since 2007, he has also sponsored an annual Healing party to reclaim the memories of the HIV era and to celebrate its everyday heroes.

Rich is an honorary member of the Alameda County Leather Corps and a Prince of the Realm in the SF Imperial Court.

Rich, has lived in the Bay area since 1994 with Patrick, his lover of 26 years.

Rich’s Alter ego, Rich T. (not his real initial) is the founder of – the ostensibly mythical organization supporting compulsive volunteers.

There will be a Newbie Munch held at Wicked Grounds from noon – 1:30pm, Sunday, June 10, 2012 Hosted by Jessie Vanciel, Mr SF Leather 2012


If interested in presenting or volunteering for future Making the Connections, contact MrSFLeather2012 (at) gmail (dot) com


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