Making the Connection: Patrick Mulcahey

Anatomy of a Master/slave Dynamic


Saturday, March 3, 2012  time: 11:00am – 1:00pm
Doors open at 10:30am
at the Hotel Whitcomb, 1231 Market St. SF, Ca.


Class Description:

Men intrigued by the erotic potential of power and authority may find themselves both deeply suspicious of and deeply curious about those who live and identify as Master and slave. What are such persons and relationships like? Who would create such an extreme polarity between himself and a partner, placing his career, savings, body, property, future entirely in another’s hands? Why do it, what are its satisfactions? How is such an arrangement structured and agreed to? How sustainable is it?

Our discussion will look at four fundamental modes of kink expression — play, role-play, Dominance/submission, and M/s — not as points in a progression but as something more like four exits from a traffic circle, all independent of each other but following a recognizable sequence in the internal development of a Master or slave.

Not so much an excursion into kink theory as a program designed to take a searching, intimate look at our experiences as tops, bottoms, boys, Daddies, Masters, slaves — the paths we choose and the drives that compel us.


Patrick Mulcahey has been playing with rope, men, pain, trust and power for over 35 years. He has presented on Master/slave, leather and SM topics for the Northwest Leather Celebration, the Society of Janus, Leather Alley at San Francisco Pride, the Sacramento Valley Leathercorps, Behind Closed Doors in Tucson, Leather Traditions in San Francisco, and the Master-slave Conference in Silver Spring, MD. He has written on leather topics for and “Growing Pains,” the Society of Janus newsletter, and is a proud member of the 15 Association, MAsT and Janus. He lives in San Francisco with his slave, patrick, and currently serves as program director of the Leathermen’s Discussion Group.

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