Making the Connection: Leather Families

Leather Families Explored with Mike Gerle IML 2007, Keith Sattelmaier, and Yapper


Sunday, July 8, 2012  2:00pm-4:00pm
Doors open at 1:30pm
at Mr. S Leather, 385 8th St. SF, Ca.


Class Description:

The Exploration of 1 poly, leather family. What makes it work, how to start and nourish a D/S, Poly, Leather dynamic. With IML 2007 Mike Gerle, his boy Keith Stattelmaier, and Yapper.


Mike Gerle at 14 years old discovered his fetish for hyper-masculine energy, rope, chaps, boots, and skin tight jeans while working with professional cowboys at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. In 1997 his life changed forever when a boy knelt before him and nuzzled his boots at a Tom of Finland Butt Boys Party in Hollywood.

In 2007 Mike came out of his kinky closet in a big way by winning three consecutive leather titles: Mr. Oil Can Harry’s Leather, Mr. L.A. Leather, and International Mr. Leather.

In 2008 Mike founded the LA Band of Brothers, an organization that formalized the brotherhood of more than one hundred men who had competed for the Mr. Los Angeles Leather title.

Earlier this year (2012) Mike followed the lead of Race Bannon and started a Face Book group called Mike’s Bar, an on-line resource whose primary purpose is to get men off line and face to face at gay kinky men’s events.

Mike spent a year and a half both during and after his IML year collared to David C. (Woofatl on Recon). During that time they added a third to their dynamic. Addressing themselves as Sir, Boss, and pup respectively they lived in three different cities, but consider themselves a unit.

Mike now has two slaves of his own, keith & garrett. Mike is no longer collared to David, but has spent every holiday season with him since their initial pairing and still considers him family. keith has his own boy, yappers, and other play partners. garrett is fairly new to the scene and is currently happy being a slave to Mike and a brother to keith. Mike and garrett plan on moving in together in mid-August. 

Mike has written for Instigator and Letherati, is currently writing a book of essays about his life experience, has been featured on Dan Savage’s blog, has recently read at Spark of Rose in the Pacific Palisades, and will soon be sharing his story on the NPR affiliate, KCRW “Strangers” podcast.

Mike lives in Hollywood and works as a Management Specialist for the City of West Hollywood in the City Manager’s Office. He currently facilitates TRIBE, a monthly gay men’s discussion group sponsored by the City of West Hollywood.


Kieth Sattelmaier: San Francisco called to him from an early age. At 21, he began the process of moving to the City from Texas. Political activism – particularly the work of Harvey Milk, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the many gay men and women to continuing these legacies – drove him to make San Francisco his home.

Having spent nine months in Berlin, the leather community quickly intrigued him. Although he found it difficult to break into the community at such a young age, Keith kept at it – visiting the Loading Dock and building a gear collection with frequent visits to Mr. S Leather. He spent time observing and interacting with men in collared relationships.

Keith still shares a house with his former partner Gary. In their nine years together, Gary pushed Keith to explore his interest in kink. Even though Gary found limits to his own kinky side, he never failed to encourage Keith to pursue his desires. It is Gary’s support and love that made Keith’s journey in leather possible. He is regarded as a valued member of Keith’s new leather family.

In 2009, Keith was invited to attend the Men of Discipline Boot Camp. There, he met Mike Gerle who presented him with the question: ‘Have you ever considered a collared relationship?’ The two have shared the same road for the last three years. In this time, their relationship has grown from Sir/boy to Master/slave. Each growing in his role.

With his Master’s encouragement, Keith has pursued BDSM skills and community involvement in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Keith currently has a boy/pup in consideration.

Keith and aaron come from the same East Texas town. Having shared so much, the bond between the two is a special one that challenges Keith to be Sir, Mentor, Confidant and friend.

Keith currently works for Mr. S Leather in San Francisco. He serves as Colonel of the Men of Discipline of San Francisco as well as a mentor in the Leatherman’s Discussion Group.

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