We are proud to introduce our six contestants for the title of Mr. San Francisco Leather 2019:

Contestant #1
Amp Somers
Mr Friendly SF 2019

Amp Somers, also known as Pup Amp, is an American blogger, sex worker, and activist. He lives in San Francisco where he produces the YouTube channel “Watts The Safeword” destigmatizing topics on sex, kink and other LGBTQ+ issues. In addition to working as a full-time designer, Amp represents the Mr S Leather Brand both in San Francisco and at international events. As Mr Friendly SF 2019, Amp makes sex education fun and accessible, while using his platform to discuss stigma and advocate for freedom of expression. Additionally, he provides guidance on topics he wished he had had growing up as a queer teenager like PrEP, coming out, and how to clean out properly (you’re welcome). The world can be a scary place, but Amp does what he can to make sure we are all a little more Friendly.

Contestant #2
AJ Huff
Mr. Powerhouse 2019

AJ Huff is the recently titled Mr. Powerhouse Leather 2019, Mr. March on the history making 2019 Bare Chest Calendar team, and is an active member of SF Bay Area Rubber. By day AJ works in Hotel Revenue Mgmt but by night he can be found working various kink and community events around town, including the Shevil Drag Show at Powerhouse.

Growing up in a military household, AJ went from playing dress up in his dads uniforms to finally finding a home in the Leather community: A community that values respect, trust, brotherhood, sisterhood… And non-binary-gender-hood as well. (WE SEE YOU!)

AJ would like to see more community discussion involving flagging vs. aesthetics in regards to the hanky code. And believes that open discussion is a step to bridging the inter-generational age gap in the community.

Meanwhile, AJ flags mustard because he likes to show off, red because he loves turning boys into hand puppets and also flags houndstooth because he’s just as happy turning boys into human corndogs.

Contestant #3
Gunner Friesen
Alpha Pup Gunner

Gunner is a founding member, current Team Captain and Alpha of the Pedal Pups. Philanthropy was the driving force which brought him to the kink and leather community, though the authenticity and fetish based free love which truly made him feel at home. Alongside his amazing partner of five years, Gunner enjoys exploring his favorite kinks (as well as new ones) and the polyamory of life with his pack. A playful evening usually begins by leaving the house flagging a blue and yellow puppy bone hanky in his left jean pocket.

The Pedal Pups have raised over $250,000 in the last four years. Finding a way to combine the two passions of fundraising and the leather/kink community has been a really amazing space for Gunner to grow as a leader and mentor. He feels lucky to have grown his fundraising and community passion into a career in nonprofit development. Gunner is excited to become a more integral member of the San Francisco leather community and use these passions and skills to help create a more inclusive and vibrant space for future generations.

Contestant #4
Tim Valdivia
Mr. SF Sober Leather 2019

Self proclaimed as a little kooky, a tad bit geeky, with a dash of sexy, and a pinch of sweet, Tim a bay area native feels he captures and displays the qualities that makes San Francisco so unique and fun

Introduced to community service in 2008 after being named the Ducal Counsel’s “Mr. Royal Bunny”. Tim followed that initial spark and continued to be of service in various roles in the Community. In 2018, named to the Bare Chest Calendar Team as “Mr. May 2019” Tim did his part to help the 14 man team raise a record breaking 200K for PRC and the services it provides to communities in need. Tim is always eager for the next opportunity to continue this community love of Service.

Embracing his mid forties and life experience from a few hard knocks and years of addiction leading to recovery, Tim is proudly growing into his daddy status that he joyfully calls his “Pokemon Evolution”. Tim flags Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, and Pale Yellow… Left Pocket. He also is a proud ass rimmer, and connoisseur of butts. Tim reminds everyone that beige is a Wonderful Color to have in your Kink Collection.

Contestant #5
Jawn Marques
Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop Leather 2019

Jawn Marques grew up in ultra conservative Baton Rouge Louisiana. He finished college with a degree in Chemistry and quickly moved to New Orleans, the most liberal city in the south. New Orleans holds a big place in Jawn’s heart but after moving to San Francisco five years ago he has found a place that he calls his true home.

At his core Jawn is a kinkster and supports safe spaces for enjoying kink and BDSM play. You may recognize him as Mr. December in the Bare Chest Calendar and currently Mr. Daddy’s Barbershop Leather 2019.

Jawn is involved in community service and outreach. He assisted the coast guard after hurricane Katrina by going door to door searching for survivors. He seeks to be a positive light, educating on suicide prevention and promotes inclusivity and diversity for all.

A few things to know about Jawn are he loves music and loves to sing along, especially disco tracks. He loves SoulCycle and outdoor activities, especially any kind of frisky play outside. He likes to show off and be an exhibitionist, especially in public places. And what he loves most is when as many people who want to join in the fun.

Contestant #6
Manny Ojeda
Mr. SF Eagle 2019

Go big or go home. This is the mantra Manny Ojeda strives to live by. Currently Mr. SF Eagle Leather, Manny once again calls the San Francisco Bay Area home, now almost four years here and loving it more each day.Manny began his adult local community service with the 2018 Bare Chest Calendar benefitting Positive Resource Center. As an alumnus, he has continued to remain involved as a judge as well as in a leadership role within the organization.

Manny serves on the Bears of San Francisco steering committee. He has also lent his efforts to The Imperial Council of San Francisco and is currently in the process of pledging ONYX Northwest.A proud gay Latino originally from Los Angeles, Manny is driven by the effort to spur and showcase diversity within our community. He enjoys the outdoors and considers it the ultimate setting for his kink.A self-professed momma’s boy, Manny considers his mom his best friend, biggest supporter and the cause of his obsession with telenovelas. A childhood collector of Barbie dolls, much to his dad’s chagrin, Manny considers Western Ken his first love, though remains furious that Mattel never gave his man a dick.

We are equally proud to present our one contestant for 2019 San Francisco Bootblack:

Bootblack Contestant #1
Allison Boots

Queer High Femme. Leather babygirl. Bootblack.

She is a proud patched member of the San Francisco girls of Leather, Bay Area raised, total cutie-pie with curves for days. And don’t forget those femme flags: hunter green, tan, and floral on the Right.

She has been getting her hand’s dirty as a bootblack in the community since 2013. She started her training with Scout the Bootblack and is currently being mentored under Ms. V. With an attention to detail and grease under her nails, nothing phases this Bootblack.

Congratulations and a warm welcome to the Class of 2019!  We look forward to getting to know you even better!