BALL Fundraiser


An online fundraiser for the Bay Area Leather Lifeline

was held on
Saturday afternoon, May 9, 2020
5:00 to 8:00 pm

An Online Auction of Valuable and Historic Leather and Gear Items
Performances and Demos
A scene from Eye Zen’s new edition of OUT of Site: SOMA!
Three Exciting Contests Celebrating the Second Anniversary of the
LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District
And an opportunity to help raise money to help kinksters and leather folk in the SF Bay Area who need immediate help during the COVID-19 crisis.


The BALL Fund reports that over $2400 was raised during the event.  Exact figures and other details will be posted soon.

The Silent Auction is happening NOW!  Head to and place your bids.  Bidding on all silent auction items will close on Saturday, May 16, 2020 at 6:00 pm Pacific Time.

And of course donations are still welcome at

Thanks go out to everyone.  Details on that later, too.

Auction Info:

The BALL Fund organizers have solicited donations of items to be auctioned off.  Especially sought were leather-, kink- or LGBTQ- themed items of significant historic, cultural or financial value.

Many items will be auctioned off LIVE during the event.  Other items will be offered in a Silent Auction, launched during the BALL Gag event, and open for bids for one week afterwards.

How to bid:

On the page, look below each item for “LIVE AUCTION” or “SILENT AUCTION”.


  • Create a free account in Twitch (  (You must have a Twitch account in order to bid.)
  • On May 9, 2020 at 5:00 pm Pacific Time, go to
  • Items will be shown and described by our auctioneer.
  • Use the “chat” section to bid on items.
  • We will do a practice bid at the start of the event to make sure everyone understands the process.
  • If you win an item, stay on the Twitch channel and use the “Whisper” function to give our volunteer your contact information.
  • Make your donation in the amount of your high live auction bid, to the BALL fund at, using a credit card.
  • (You can discuss alternative payment arrangements with the volunteer.)
  • If payment is not made online promptly, or alternative arrangements made, the item may be offered to the next highest bidder.


  • Find an item of interest on the page
  • Click on the “Ledger” link to view the bid history.
  • Click on the “Bid” link below the item to open a Google form that will allow you to place a bid.
  • Make sure your bid is greater than the highest bid listed by at least $1.
  • Bidding on all silent auction items will open during the BALL Gag event on May 9, and will close on Saturday, May 16, 2020 at 6:00 pm Pacific Time.
  • Bids placed after that time will not be accepted.
  • A list of the winning bidders and amounts will be posted on the same Web page on Sunday, May 17, 2020; winners will also be contacted by email.
  • Please make your donation, in the amount of your silent auction high bid, to the BALL fund at, using a credit card, by 6:00 pm on Monday, May 18, 2020.
  • If payment is not received by that time, or alternate arrangements made, the item may be offered to the next highest bidder.


Notes to bidders:

Your high bid will be confirmed when your donation to the BALL Fund is received.  Your donation is just that — a freely-given contribution to this charitable cause.  

The organizers of this event, including the volunteers, the BALL Fund, and the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance, are NOT RESPONSIBLE for the accuracy of item descriptions, nor for the value, condition, or delivery of the auctioned items.  We will gladly attempt to resolve any disputes, but cannot offer guarantees, refunds or any other assurances.

Some high-value items may be subject to a pre-determined “reserve”.  If the Live Auction does not reach the reserve value, the item may be rolled over into the Silent Auction; if the Silent Auction does not reach the reserve value, the item may be held for a future BALL fund-raising event.

If bidding on items during the auction, be prepared (if you are the high bidder) to provide your name and contact information, including your preferred shipping address.  You may do this in a private twitch message (a “whisper”) addressed to the designated online host, or by email to ​

If you are the high bidder on an item, it will be your responsibility to pay for the actual out-of-pocket cost of shipping or delivering the item to you. This applies particularly to bidders outside the San Francisco area. If the item donor is delivering the item to you directly, it will be up to you and the donor to arrange this.  If the BALL volunteers are delivering the item, we will notify you of shipping costs (if any) and will request that you make an additional donation to the Fund to cover those costs.  Some auction items may not be eligible for overseas shipping.

There is no charge for items delivered in person (“curbside pickup”) within San Francisco, nor for items shipped elsewhere in the United States if the amount donated for the item is over $100.

Donations are tax deductible above the fair market value of the item – your letter will reflect this.  In 2020, everyone will be able to deduct $300 in charitable donations. We are listed with Benevity, so you may wish to consider a company match.

Don’t forget the Contests!  

Here are the results of the three contests:

The coveted “LCD Award for Best Beverage” went to Patty,  IMsL 2014 and the beverage “Cherry Wood Smoked Chocolate Martini”.

The winner of the coveted “LCD Award for Best Outfit” went to Purple Anon and her Diamond Rope Harness.

The much-lusted after “LCD Award for Best Pastry ” went to Bob Goldfarb for his concoction, the De-floured Chocolate Cake.

Congratulations to you, and thanks to all the contestants who mixed, dressed or baked, and to everyone who watched, voted, and donated during BALL Gag.  Happy birthday to the LCD; that is, the LEATHER & LGBTQ Cultural District!


If you would like to assist the BALL Fund in its fundraising efforts, or have any questions or concerns, please email ​

To make a donation directly to BALL or to request assistance, go to

To view and bid on silent auction items, go to

For up-to-date information about the BALL Fund, go to

For information about the Leather & LGBTQ Cultural District, go to their
Web site or Facebook page.

For information about the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance, go to their Web site or Facebook page.

For information on the San Francisco kink community’s response to COVID-19, please visit