Woman of the Year

*This award is given for the previous calendar year. 

2018 Dorian Katz
2017 Ms Cat, angel Garfold
2016 None (see non-binary-person-of-the-year)
2015 Beatrice Stonebanks
2014 Angel Leathergirl Garfold
2013 Deborah Hoffman-Wade
2012 Angela di Tenebre
2011 Leland Carina
2010 Jody
2009 Liza Sibley
2008 Joan Norry
2007 Sal Hopkins
2006 Vick Germany, Pilar Leano
2005 Joan Norry
2004 Vick Germany
2003 Vick Germany
2002 Jane Randall

*In 2002 the Man of the Year Award was split into three awards: Man, Woman, and Impersonator of the Year