Run of the Year

Best Run of the Year

2018 Best Community In-Town One Day Run:  Dykes On Bikes Pride Contingent
2018 Best Community Out-of-Town One Day Run:  Golden Gate Guards Springtime in Yosemite
2017 Best One-Day Motorcycle Ride: SF Dykes On Bikes Pride Parade
2017 Best Overnight Out-of-Town Motorcycle Ride: Golden Gate Guards – Springtime in Yosemite
2017 Best Weekend Out-of-Town Motorcycle Ride: GearUp Weekend
2016 Best One-Day Motorcycle Ride:  SF Dykes on Bikes (Women’s Motorcycle contingent 40th Anniversary ride SF Pride Parade, June 2016)
2016 Best Weekend Motorcycle Run:  Golden Gate Guards (Springtime in Yosemite, May 2016)
2015 Best Traditional Run:  Golden Gate Guards (Springtime in Yosemite)
2015 Best Overnight Run:  Golden Gate Guards (Fall Adventure)
2014 Best Traditional Run Award: GearUp Weekend
2014 Best Overnight Run Award: Golden Gate Guards (Springtime in Yosemite)
2013 Golden Gate Guards: Wild in the Woods
2012 The 15 Association: Boot Camp
2011 GearUp Weekend
2009 Golden Gate Guards (N), Satyrs M/C (S)
2008 Valley Knights M/C (N), LOBOC M/C & Warriors M/C (S)
2007 Leather-Levi Weekend (N), no award (S)
2006 Valley Knights M/C (N), Satyrs M/C (S)
2005 Valley Knights M/C (N), Satyrs M/C (S)
2004 Leather-Levi Weekend (N), Satyrs M/C (S)
2003 Leather-Levi Weekend (N), LOBOC M/C (S)
2002 Golden Gate Guards (N), Satyrs M/C (S)

*In 2002 Southern California Clubs were added to this Award

2001 Leather/Levi Weekend
2000 California Eagles M/C
1999 Golden Gate Guards
1998 San Francisco GDI Club
1997 Golden Gate Guards
1996 Golden Gate Guards
1995 California Eagles M/C
1994 Golden Gate Guards
1993 Cycle Runners M/C
1992 Constantines of the Bay Area
1991 Cycle Runners M/C
1990 Cycle Runners M/C
1989 Cycle Runners M/C
1988 Barbary Coasters M/C
1987 San Francisco GDI Club
1986 Barbary Coasters M/C
1985 Barbary Coasters M/C
1984 Barbary Coasters M/C
1983 Barbary Coasters M/C
1982 Barbary Coasters M/C
1981 San Francisco GDI Club
1980 Barbary Coasters M/C, Constantines of the Bay Area
1979 Barbary Coasters M/C, Constantines of the Bay Area
1978 Barbary Coasters M/C
1977 Warlocks M/C
1976 The San Franciscans
1975 Constantines of the Bay Area, Monterey Dons
1974 California Motor Club
1973 Cycle Runners M/C, San Francisco Serpents
1972 California Motor Club
1971 San Francisco Serpents
1970 San Francisco Serpents
1969 Barbary Coasters MC
1968 unknown
1967 unknown
1966 unknown