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Current Titleholders

San Francisco Bootblack 2018: Victoria Bootblack

Mr. San Francisco Leather 2018: Matt Welch

First Runner Up Mr. San Francisco Leather 2018: Stephan Ferris 

Second Runner Up Mr. San Francisco Leather 2018: Spencer Adam

Leather Heart Award 2018: Victoria Bootblack

San Francisco Leather Community Awards

The SF Leather Community Awards, formerly known as the ICF Motorcycle Awards, have been honoring the Groups and Individuals who create and support our communities through events and projects since 1965.  They are the longest-running Leather Community Awards in the world.

Current Award Winners (Awarded March 2, 2018):

Best Community Educational Event 2017:  LDG – Depression and Suicide in the Men’s Community

Best Organizational Anniversary Event 2017: The 15 Association

Best Bay Area Leather Contest 2017: Mr San Francisco Leather

Best Community Weekend Event 2017: LDG Fetish Fair

Most Visible Organization in the Community 2017: Leathermen’s Discussion Group

Best New Organization 2017: ONYX Northwest

Outstanding SF Bay Area Community Business 2017: Wicked Grounds

Outstanding SF Bay Area Community Nonprofit 2017: Trans Lifeline

Best One-Day Motorcycle Ride 2017: SF Dykes On Bikes Pride Parade

Best Overnight Out-of-Town Motorcycle Ride 2017: Golden Gate Guards – Springtime in Yosemite

Best Weekend Out-of-Town Motorcycle Ride 2017: GearUp Weekend

Next Generation Award 2017: Keao Lani

Frank Benoit Award: Jim Taylor and Rand Hunt

Jim Remer Unsung Hero Award:  Jason Husted

Woman of the Year 2017: Ms Cat and angel Garfold

Non-Binary Person of the Year 2017: Azalea Hollinger

Man of the Year 2017: Al Rahm

Lifetime Achievement Award 2017: Dahn Van Laarz

Selby Award [A new occasional award, offered in recognition and appreciation of continuous dedication and service to our communities, inspired by the deeds and service of Alan Selby]: Dahn Van Laarz

2017 Award Winners:

2016 Philip M Turner Lifetime Achievement Award:  Demetri Sparks

2016 Woman of the Year:  tie between Mir Bilodeau & Stela Furtado

2016 Man of the Year:  Cody Elkin

2016 Jim Remer Unsung Hero Award (for longterm community volunteering):  Rich Stadtmiller

2016 Frank Benoit Award (for service to the Alliance):  Angel Garfold

2016 Next Generation Award (under 35):  Douglas Ambrose

2016 Outstanding Community Nonprofit SF Bay Area:  Tie between Society of Janus & Folsom Street Events

2016 Outstanding Community Business SF Bay Area:  Wicked Grounds

2016 Best New Organization – SF Bay Area:  BARC – Bay Area Rope Club

2016 Best Community Educational Event:  LDG – Should Leather March in SF Pride? – Jan 2016

2016 Best Organizational Anniversary Event:  LDG – 20th Anniversary – Dec 2016

2016 Best Bay Area Leather Contest:  Mr SF Eagle – Nov 2016

2016 Best Community Leather/Fetish/MC event (not a contest or Street fair): Golden Gate Guards – Leather Cruise – Sept 2016

2016 Best Community Weekend Event (not a Contest or Street Fair):  LDG Fetish Fair Weekend – Aug 2016

2016 Most Visible Community Organization: Leathermen’s Discussion Group

2016 Best One-Day Motorcycle Ride:  SF Dykes on Bikes/Women’s Motorcycle contingent 40th Anniversary ride SF Pride Parade June 2016

2016 Best Weekend Motorcycle Run:  Golden Gate Guards Springtime in Yosemite May 2016


Recent Past Award Winners

2015 Directors’ Awards

Philip M Turner Lifetime Achievement: Gayle Rubin

Woman of the Year: Beatrice Stonebanks & Jesbian Bagheera

Man of the Year: Bob Goldfarb

Next Generation Award (under 35): Jason Husted

NEW: Jim Remer Community Volunteer Award: Marilyn Hollinger

Frank Benoit Award:  Rover Spotts

2015 Community Awards

Outstanding Community Nonprofit: Center for Sex & Culture

Best New Organization: The Little Scouts

Best Community Educational Event: LDG Up Your Alley Fair History with Gayle Rubin

Best Organizational Anniversary Event: LDG Rich Trove 10 Year Anniversary

Best Bay Area Leather Contest: Ms San Francisco Leather 2016

Best Community Leather/Fetish/Motorcycle Event: LDG Tom of Finland Art Auction & Social

Best Community Weekend Event: GearUp Weekend

Most Visible Organization:  Leathermen’s Discussion Group

2015 Motorcycle Awards

Best Overnight Run:  Golden Gate Guards, Fall Adventure

Best Traditional Run:  Golden Gate Guards, Springtime in Yosemite

2014 Awards

Frank Benoit Award: Rover Spotts

2014 Directors’ Awards

Man of the Year: Dahn van Laarz & Race Bannon

Woman of the Year:  angel Leathergirl Garfold

Philip M Turner Lifetime Achievement Award: Daddy Ray Tilton

Next Generation Award: Kester Rambles

Best New Organization Award: Queer Sphere

Outstanding Community Business Award: SF Eagle Bar

Outstanding Community Non-Profit Organization: TASHRA

2014 Community Awards

Best Community Educational Event – Leathermen’s Discussion Group: History of the Folsom Street Fair with Gayle Rubin

Best Organization Anniversary Event – Society of Janus: 40th Anniversary Dinner, Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Play Party

Best Leather Contest – Ms San Francisco Leather

Best Community Leather/Fetish/Motorcycle Event – Leathermen’s Discussion Group: Fetish Fair

Best Community Weekend Event – Dark Odyssey: Surrender 2014

Most Visible Organization in the Leather/Fetish/Motorcycle Community – Leathermen’s Discussion Group

2014 Motorcycle Awards

Best Traditional Run Award – GearUp Weekend

Best Overnight Run Award – Golden Gate Guards: Springtime in Yosemite

Alden E. Spafford Most Participative Biker Award – David Tejeda


Archive Awards

Man of the Year
Woman of the Year
Phillip M Turner Lifetime Achievement Award
Run of the Year
Entertainer of the Year
Impersonator of the Year

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