About us

The SF Bay Area Leather Alliance, a 100% volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was formed by the 2008 merger of the Inter-Club Fund and the Leather Forum. While honoring the pasts of both organizations, the Leather Alliance is committed to moving forward with our communities. Our Board reflects the clubs, groups and individuals within the leather, fetish, kink, gear and motorcycling communities.

Please contact us at info (at) leatheralliance (dot) org


President: angel Garfold – president (at) leatheralliance (dot) org
Vice President: Christopher Wood – vicepresident (at) leatheralliance (dot) org
Treasurer: Position Vacant – treasurer (at) leatheralliance (dot) org
Secretary: Teagan Widmer – secretary (at) leatheralliance (dot) org

Individual Directors

David Hyman
Mark Ingham
Dahn Van Laarz
Teagan Widmer

Director Organizations

The Exiles

15 Association

San Francisco girls of Leather

Golden Gate Guards

Leathermen’s Discussion Group

Society of Janus

To apply for an Individual Director position, please fill out the Application


Mission and History

The mission of the Leather Alliance is to perform public service to the community and educate the community on health and safety issues. Emergency grants are provided to individual community members in financial need due to accident or serious illness. We endeavor to promote the formation, growth and cooperation of member organizations within the San Francisco Bay Area leather, fetish, kink, & motorcycle communities.

Our history dates to the early 1970’s and the formation of the “Bent Bike Fund” in San Francisco. At that time, being a biker or leather person often meant you were outside the mainstream of both the prevailing society and the newly forming gay consciousness. A decision was made to band together and offer support and financial assistance to each other when needed. To avoid scheduling conflicts within the biker and leather communities, an events calendar was developed. The CMC Motorcycle Awards, the parent of today’s SF Bay Area Leather Community Awards, began in 1976.

The ICF and the Forum continued their traditions and adapted as the scene grew and changed.  During the 80’s and 90’s, AIDS led to a loss of many community members, some clubs disbanded, and those who remained struggled to maintain an active community.  The 2000’s have brought a greater acceptance and understanding of alternative lives, & new activity within the leather, fetish, kink & motorcycling communities. A need for new energy and direction led both the ICF and the Forum to begin the process that culminated with the 2008 merger.

The Leather Alliance Board, as were the ICF and Forum Boards, is comprised of both Organizational and Individual Directors. This facilitates a balance between the needs and desires of community clubs and organizations and those who choose to remain independent.  Both Organizational and Individual Directors share a desire to serve the community and support the goals and mission of the Leather Alliance. As we move forward we are committed to appraising new ideas that support the leather, fetish, kink & motorcycling communities, fostering an environment that allows us to work and play together and welcoming new members to our communities.

San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance
584 Castro Street, #660
San Francisco, CA   94114