Plans for Leather Alliance Weekend Announced

The first details about the 2018 San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance Weekend are beginning to leak out.

We already knew that the weekend was set to happen on March 2-4, 2018, at SOMArts, (934 Brannan Street in San Francisco), with additional events at other locations around the city.  We knew that it would include both the Mr. San Francisco Leather 2018 contest, and, for the first time in 2018, the SF Bootblack Contest.  But now we also know the slate of judges for both contests!

The 2018 SF Bootblack Contest judges will be:

  • slave tabitha (International Ms Bootblack 2015, Southwest Bootblack 2009),
  • Ms V (International Ms Bootblack 2007), and
  • Gage Fischer (Mr SF Eagle 2014)

The 2018 Mr SF Leather Contest judges:

  • Ralph Bruneau – Head Judge (International Mister Leather 2017, Gay Naturists International 2016)
  • Geoff Millard (Mr SF Leather 2017, International Mister Leather 1st runner up 2017, Mr Daddy’s Barbershop 2017)
  • Chris Rice (Mr. September – 2018 Bare Chest Calendar, Mr. Campit Leather 2015
    1st Runner-Up – Mr. Michigan Leather 2016, Michigan Band of Brothers)
  • Azalea (Ms SF Leather 2017)
  • Levi Halberstadt (Dyke Uniform Corp)

It looks like a great team; full bios and pictures will be posted soon.

Who will be the contestants?  Nobody knows that yet, of course, but we are expecting representatives from bars (including SF Eagle, Edge and several others), businesses (like Daddy’s Barber Shop) and non-profit organizations (such as Bay Area Sober in Leather and Mr. Friendly).  These institutions will each be electing or appointing their nominees in the coming weeks, so watch this space (and Facebook) for dates and details.

But for now, mark your calendars for Leather Alliance Weekend, March 2-4, 2018.  Besides the two contests, the weekend will include the presentation of the SF Leather Community Awards, vendors, entertainment, education, and more.  For details, keep your eye on Leather Alliance on Facebook, and on the Web sites of the Leather Alliance Weekend and San Francisco Bootblack.

One more tip:  Ticket sales start January 1st.

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