Leather Alley Will Be A Place For Everyone!

It’s time again for Leather Alley, a wonderful part of the SF Pride Parade and Celebration. This year Leather Alley will be an entire block long – Hyde Street between Golden Gate and McAllister, just one block off the main plaza.

Leather Alley is on Pride Sunday – June 25, 2017 – and is a chance for those interested in or curious about Leather, SM, BDSM, kink and fetish to come together and spend time with experienced scene members to foster friendship and family in a safe and supportive environment, and also to provide access and information for newcomers to the scene. Leather Alley is intended to provide an environment for people to hang out and relax after the San Francisco Pride March with others from the kink/leather/fetish community in a casual, bar-like setting. Demonstrations will be provided throughout the day by member organizations of the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance.

Volunteering for Leather Alley at Pride is easier than ever. To sign up, visit http://www.leatheralley.net/get-involved/.  The Leather Alley folks are looking for individuals and groups, to act as Leather Alley Ambassadors/Mentors, as Demonstrators/Educators, or as behind the scenes volunteers.  It’s fun, it’s educational, and there are great perqs for volunteers as well!

The organizers are also inviting individuals, businesses and clubs to contact sponsorship@leatheralley.net to discuss opportunities to be a Leather Alley sponsor, and the benefits of sponsorship to your organization.

Everyone (well, everyone over 18, that is) is welcome.  Check out the details at http://www.leatheralley.net/, and we look forward to seeing you at Leather Alley on Sunday, June 25, 2017.

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